Orlando Oktoberfest is a non-profit festival benefiting children with disabilities. All proceeds go toward Easter Seals Camp Challenge and Diana’s Friends. Diana’s Friends is a foundation that provides children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities the physical therapy they need that their insurance otherwise does not provide. Diana’s Friends raises funds from the public, and spend 100% of the funds directly on helping children receive the intensive physical therapy that will change their lives for the better.

Oktoberfest will take place at the Southport Community Park in Orlando. The festival is ADA immersive and wheelchairs of all sorts can navigate the entire event.

All proceeds from the Orlando Oktoberfest fund Easter Seals Camp Challenge as well as Diana’s Friends. For more information or to donate, click on the links below.


Rootbier Tent at Kinderfest

Kinderfest will be held consecutively with the Orlando Oktoberfest. Children can enjoy rootbeer at the rootbeer truck, arts and crafts stations, balloon animals, face painting, puppet shows, bouncy houses and so much more!! Stay tuned for entertainment and pricing!


Orlando Oktoberfest 2018 will feature plenty of beer along with a variety of exciting games and competitions. Old favorites and new exciting challenges await competitors this year including: Stein Hoisting, Keg Toss, Tug-O-War, and more. There are individual games along with team competitions of various sizes. Participation in all the events is more important than ever before because there are bragging rights on the line.

The Games are open to all Orlando Oktoberfest  guests. To register, email info@oktoberfest-orlando.com or sign up during the Oktoberfest at the Information tent, located by the main stage. Times of games TBD.

  • Stein Hoisting- $15 per contestant. Includes Oktoberfest Stein and 1 free beer refill (same for Stein Race)
  • Tug-O-War- $25 per team. Competition will be bracket style. The winning team earns 50% of the pot!

The Games are open to all Orlando Oktoberfest  guests and some are free to play.

Stein Hoisting

How long can you hoist? Join us at Orlando Oktoberfest  2018 for your chance to become the 2018 Stein Hoisting Champion! The game is simple, how long can you hold a 1 Liter glass stein filled to the brim with liquid and held by a straight ninety degree (90) arm in front of entrant; parallel to the floor with elbows locked. Once entrant’s elbow bends or spills/drops the stein, entrant loses the contest. Longest time wins the contest.

Stein Race

The Stein Race is a test of speed versus patience. How fast can you run around the obstacle course, both hands full of beer, without spilling any precious beer? Each racer will run the course holding two 1-Liter Oktoberfest Steins full of beer, one in each hand. Three compete at a time but be careful not to spill any beer because for each ounce lost adds one second to your time! Our goal is to find out who is the fastest beer racer at Oktoberfest Tampa.

Tauziehen (Tug-O-War)

At Oktoberfest Tampa 2018 teams will be able to challenge each other in the classic tug-of-war. This test of strength features two teams of eight people who will compete (if more/less then must have equal numbers) and pull at opposite ends of a rope. There are two ways to win: pull your opposing team across the center line or get the opposing team to commit a foul. Match-ups are a best of three competition; beat your team 2-0 and earn all three points for your sponsor team!